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Skye 10th dog in the team for the world trial 2020

Nordevind Skye

4 different qualifier trials held all over France during the summer 2019 decided which dogs were called upon to represent France in the world trial 2020. In the last world trial, 2017, both Jim and Nell were in the French team and it would have been so nice to have their son Skye follow in their paw-steps. But it has been another disastrous year for farmers in France, with a second year of extreme heat and drought in a row, so it was difficult to find the time and farm sitters needed to drive thousands of kilometers and be away from the farm 4 days every time, not to mention to train and prepare beforehand, so I had pretty much given up hope. But not so Skye! He took things in his own paws and worked so brilliantly that despite no help from his handler, he managed to end up 10th in the ranking when all the points had been tallied. That means that if France gets 10 places in our team, Skye is in, otherwise he will be the reserve, since we are guaranteed 9 dogs. So whatever happens, Skye did mom and dad, and his handler, proud and will be going to the world trial 2020! ^_^

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