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This is our dog Jim taking the first mom of the season back to the farm. We found her alone in the furthest corner of the fields and my dog very gently guided her and her newborn baby all the way back to where we could set them up in a warm, safe pen. Just after we arrived, she had a second lamb.


Look at the trust and respect between the dog and the sheep. It is always beautiful to see and is the mark of a truly great sheepdog.

This photo is old now, from the time when mobile phones just started being able to take photos, but despite the bad quality I loved this photo and the respectful relationship sheep - sheepdog that it depicted so much that I used it for the logo for my training center.


A lot of training centres for herding dogs have similar logos, but with the sheep and the dog facing each other. This may be cool and all, very macho, but in reality, if you end up in a confrontational situation like that, usually either you or the dog have done something wrong. To me, a good dog moves animals with diplomacy and calm confidence, not with menace, so the sheep should be moving away from the dog with trust, not face it by fear. The newborn lamb added that element of tenderness to my logo that any good farm dog needs to have.

This is not the only logo in which you find Jim! 
We also made the logo for the French ISDS affiliate, for example, and used a photo of Jim there too. :-) 

He looks very much like the dog in ISDS' logo, Wiston Cap, doesn't he? This is actually one of Jim's ancestors. 

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