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March 10

The pups were born around midnight this night, 2 boys and 2 girls. (Official birth date will be 9/3.) All are doing fine and are very energetic. Every time I try to lift out a puppy to take a photo, mom comes and carries it back into the puppy box, so just one individual photo yet, but they all look very classic, very similar. :-) I will try again in the coming days.

March 15

Nell has happily installed herself in the sofa with her babies. We try to move them back to their box but she clearly thinks it's not comfortable enough and we always find the little family back in the sofa again. Who are we to argue with a mom, so we try to make it as safe as we can for them all there.

Yesterday Nell decided the pups were big enough for her to go out a few minutes and today she came along on a short walk. The pups slept through her absence.

March 18

Puppies have started crawling around a lot and gained so much weight I reweighed them, thinking I'd made a mistake.

March 19

We have eyes! ^_^

March 20

Everybody has their eyes open, and they are really starting to walk around now, wobbly, but looking like real little dogs. <3

March 23

They have started playing, very clumsily of course, but clearly playing. Lots of cute puppy noises and occasional adorable attempts at barking. 

March 25

They can definitely hear noises now; they look up when we come to check on them. 

We have set up the puppy pen and given them some different toys... it's starting for real! :-)

March 29

OK, we feel confident enough now to say that we believe there is one rough coated and one smooth coated each for both the boys and the girls. :-) Their faces have also become very individual and expressive and they interact with us, the other dogs and each other.


March 31

First dewormer

April 2

Big day today: first time outside, and first time playing with the other dogs of the household. And back inside: the first solid food (puppy kibbles mixed with puppy milk). BIG nap afterwards. :-D

April 3

Everyone over 2 kilos today! :-) 







April 7

Weather is warm and stable and the pups are spending long periods outside every day, so we have set up the puppy adventure land. :-P 

April 10

Smooth Boy (SB) officially no longer has any white on his nose. :-D

April 12

All the puppies have names now! ^_^











April 13

Petra was here to meet her boy Novel, and she took some amazing photos, see to the right. Thank you, Petra! <3

April 15

Second deworming. All pups over 3 kilos! 

April 23

After much consideration we have decided to not keep any of the pups this time so the little smooth coated boy, who we call Nike, is now available.












April 27

The pups are starting to follow and keep up really well so today it was time for the first real walk: all the way to the end of the big field and back. Also got to say hello to some curious sheep. :-)

April 28

The whole gang has been to the vet for passports and chips so we can do the ISDS and FCI registrations. 

April 29

Third dewormer

May 1

Last family outing: sheepdog demos all day at a village festival. Pups and bottle lambs ensured success. :-)






May 6

Nessie, Novel and Kiusa have left with their new families. THANK YOU Petra and Miikku for the gorgeous photos! ^_^
Nike will need to stay until June since he's going to the UK so needs his rabies vaccination beforehand. 

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