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Tia's pups 2020

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April 24

It's been a long day, night and again a day in the lambing shed, and I'm exhausted, but Tia is broody and anxious, wandering from room to room and rearranging baskets, pillows and blankets in a pile, then deciding it's not good enough, and moving on to the next room... 

We both waited, and finally, shortly after midnight the 25th of April, the first puppy was born. The others followed increasingly fast, and by 3:48 AM six beautiful chocolate beans were snuggled up to their mom. 

I have tons of photos and videos of the pups, but due to the lockdown, I had to manage both lambing and whelping alone this year, not leaving me any time for administration (or sleep... :-P). I will add photos, text and videos here as soon as all lambs are out in pasture. :-)